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Stores Sell “One More Item” to Benefit Troops Overseas

When: Monday, October 10

Where: Dayton, OH

Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan received care packages of much-needed products, thanks to the ingenuity of store associates in Dayton, OH, and Middletown, OH.  Associates at these stores devised a unique way to participate in the “One More Item” sales contest and to help our troops at the same time.

The “One More Item” sales campaign kicked off last October, 2011, and consisted of four contest periods.  In each contest period, a selection of products were specially priced. Store associates were eligible to win $50 Rite Aid gift cards at the end of each contest period if they worked at the best-performing store in their district.

Some of the specially priced items were Rite Aid Brand Hand Sanitizer, Rite Aid Brand Sunscreen and Colgate Wisp disposable mini-toothbrush with toothpaste bead.  Johari Martin, Pharmacy Manager in Dayton, OH, recognized that these items are needed by our troops serving overseas, and that it presented an ideal opportunity to combine participation in the sales campaign with contributions to a worthy cause.

Martin had been looking for a way to promote the “One More Item” campaign, and contacted the Red Cross for partnership ideas.  She was referred to the Dayton, OH, chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America.  Store associates then made posters and encouraged customers to buy the specially priced products to donate to the organization, resulting in the purchase and donation of 250 Colgate Wisps, 250 bottles of Rite Aid Brand Sunscreen and 60 bottles of Rite Aid Brand Hand Sanitizer.

For the Rite Aid associates of Middleton, OH, the project began with Pharmacy Technician Regina Lewis, whose son returned recently from deployment to Iraq. 

He approached the store manager with the idea to provide needed items to the troops through The Thank You Foundation, an organization that strives to improve the overall quality of life of veterans, service members and their families.