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Rite Aid Raises Awareness During National Diabetes Month With Free Public Diabetes Screening

When: Wednesday, November 7

Where: Atlanta, GA

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States; however, over the years it has ranked higher in Atlanta, sometimes topping the charts at number five. Many times those suffering from diabetes don’t yet know they have the disease. To help call attention to the high incidence of diabetes in Atlanta, Rite Aid associates helped connect residents to resources for healthier living.

Associates offered free diabetes screenings plus diabetes risk assessment and pharmacist consultations at a free Wellness Fair in Centennial Park to educate and inform the community about diabetes. Many saw the value of having a customized health assessment and told their friends and co-workers to attend the event. As a follow-up, Rite Aid associates invited attendees to their perspective Rite Aid locations for all their health related needs. 

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