Celebrating 50 years of making our communities well with 50 acts of wellness

Rite Aid Helps Springdale Place Clinic Keep Healthy

When: Wednesday, November 7

Where: Atlanta, GA

Today, RA50 delivered a healthy dose of wellness to Atlanta area families in need. We visited Springdale Place, a 24-hour facility to assist mothers in gaining and maintaining self-sufficiency. Their program provides residential assistance, counseling and life-skills training for these women to ensure success, some of whom RA50 team members were fortunate enough to meet. There were somber moments as they educated the RA50 team on the challenges of being assimilated back into society.

To aid in their mission, Rite Aid delivered health and wellness kits, complete with a wide range of personal care products to help these women feel confident re-engaging in their everyday lives. Rite Aid team members inquired about future volunteer and donation opportunities to secure a relationship beyond the day’s contribution.

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