Celebrating 50 years of making our communities well with 50 acts of wellness

Rite Aid Helps Philadelphia Seniors Breathe Easier

When: Friday, September 28

Where: Philadelphia, PA

Knowledge is power in staying well at any age.  On Friday, September 28, thanks to RA50, Philadelphia seniors learned how allergies change as you age – like developing new allergies you never had before.

Participating seniors received a free comprehensive allergy screening that identified both food and environmental allergies, and learned what they can do to allergy proof their homes. In addition to allergy screenings, blood pressure screenings, flu shots, and medication compliance consultations were also provided by Rite Aid.  

Overall, our day of wellness consisted of 38 flu vaccinations, 24 allergy screenings, 30 blood pressure screenings and almost 20 healthy snacks to help Philadelphia seniors stay healthy!  

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