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Rite Aid Helps Build a Healthier Community

When: Monday, May 23

Where: Baltimore, MD

A group of Rite Aid corporate associates  attended Rite Aid’s annual Real Estate Operations Kick-off Meeting in Baltimore, MD.

Scheduled as part of the meeting was a team activity, and little information was provided to Rite Aid associates beforehand – only the time and place.  A special surprise was in store for them.

Upon entering the conference room, the group was divided into eight teams and a bicycle frame was given to each.  The teams would build a bicycle that would be donated to eight children who, in all likelihood, did not own a bicycle.

Each team worked together and performed assigned tasks to “earn” parts to build the bicycles and decorate them, such as creating greeting cards for the children.  There to help was a quality control person who checked all of the handiworks to make certain the bikes were assembled correctly and safely. 

At the end of the event, everyone was asked to close their eyes and imagine the looks on the faces of the kids who would receive the bikes.  At that moment, eight children who didn’t know they were receiving bicycles walked into the room and were just as surprised as the associates. 

In Rite Aid style, associates immediately engaged with the children to help them pick out their bicycles and adjust their helmets and seats to make sure they safely enjoyed their new rides!