Celebrating 50 years of making our communities well with 50 acts of wellness

Healthy and Happy Start for New Families in Baltimore

When: Friday, September 21

Where: Baltimore, MD

We kicked things off in Baltimore on September 21 with a visit to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Harriet Lane Clinic. We brought 10 cribs filled with baby supplies as well as 100 New Family Kits, also stocked with baby essentials. Three families were on hand to represent more than 100 new families who will benefit from RA50. At the end of the event, the RA50 truck hand-delivered cribs to the recipients in Baltimore.

The children who attended the event had a blast with Tuggy, the Tugaboo mascot, and we had an equally good time with the children and families. Rite Aid has raised more than $1 million for Johns Hopkins Children’s Center since 1994. 

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