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Moving to the Philadelphia Beat

When: Thursday, September 27

Where: Philadelphia, PA

We took a tour of the city today – and couldn’t help but move to the Philadelphia beat!  Thirty-eight youths from the Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia joined America’s favorite fitness expert, Denise Austin, this afternoon from 4:30-6:30 p.m. in an “Exercise Flash Mob”.  Our double decker tour bus stopped at Philadelphia landmarks, where Denise and the kids hopped off the bus to perform fun exercise routines! 

Our first stop was Penn’s Landing, where the Boys & Girls Club met Denise and got pumped up for the day’s event as they warmed up to “Eye of the Tiger” by rock band Survivor.  Denise kicked off the exercises with balance balls and taught the children stretches and crunches as they overlooked the Delaware River.  Next, our Exercise Mob moved on to the National Constitution Center, where our tour bus literally jumped for joy.  Denise led the group in a jump rope-inspired exercise, and Rite Aid associates even joined in the fun.

Although we didn’t want to leave the National Constitution Center, we packed up our jump ropes and headed over to Love Park.  Even though this well-known park was bustling, no one could ignore our Flash Exercise Mob as over thirty hula-hoops took over the park.  Kids took turns showing off their hula-hooping talent while everyone clapped in a circle, and members of the crowd even gave the exercise a try! 

As an end to our Exercise Flash Mob, we finished at the stairs leading to the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, or better known as “The Rocky Steps”.  Making the iconic trip up the steps is regarded as a symbol of perseverance and determination – which is exactly what the day represented.  Denise showed the Boys & Girls Club, as well as the city of Philadelphia, that exercising can be beneficial and fun!  Our double decker tour bus shuttled the Boys & Girls Club back to their Club House, where they learned all the fitness equipment used throughout the day would be donated to them!


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