Celebrating 50 years of making our communities well with 50 acts of wellness

Marathon Kids Los Angeles

When: Saturday, October 6

Where: Los Angeles, CA

We continued our wellness acts in Los Angeles supporting Marathon Kids Los Angeles!  The Rite Aid Foundation is proud to announce a three-year sponsorship at $140,000 to help keep kids moving toward a healthier future!  We began our day October 6 at the Coliseum and Sports Arena, supplying participants and their families with healthy snacks and water.  Marathon Kids learn to live an active and healthy lifestyle by running or walking 26.2 miles over six months, and Rite Aid was there to cheer on 7,000 kids who ran their first laps to start the event! 

The young athletes were also cheered on by a number of Olympic athletes as well as former Olympian and NFL star Ron Brown. All joined Rite Aid in helping children and their families understand the importance of regular exercise and good nutrition to stay well and prevent health risks such as diabetes.


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