Celebrating 50 years of making our communities well with 50 acts of wellness

Helping Keep Portland Students Healthy

When: Wednesday, October 24

Where: Portland, OR

We visited the Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland today, delivering 300 “after-school kits” filled with school supplies, personal care items and healthy snacks.  The kids greeted the Rite Aid van outside and helped team members with the “heavy lifting” as they carried all of the bags into the clubhouse. Once inside, the kids took each of the Rite Aid team members on a personalized tour of the clubhouse. Following the donation, the club was soon bustling with activities and sports – dodge-ball, jump rope and even billiards could be heard playing in each recreation room. RA50 is proud to support this great organization that provides a safe place for kids to grow, learn and realize their full potential. 

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