Celebrating 50 years of making our communities well with 50 acts of wellness

Healthy And Happy Start For New Families In Atlanta

When: Thursday, November 8

Where: Atlanta, GA

The next RA50 stop was Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where Rite Aid associates received a special tour of the children’s hospital and made a delivery to families whose infants are being cared for at the hospital. Red and blue Rite Aid bags filled with baby care essentials flooded the hospital atrium as Rite Aid team members brought in one bag after another. We were proud to help these families during stressful times by providing 100 RA50 Baby Care Kits, which included Tugaboo baby products and other necessities, so all mom has to focus on is her newborn. The children recovering at the children’s hospital provided the Rite Aid team a reminder that even in the face of adversity, there is always a reason to laugh, smile and have hope.


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